China against Covid-19: The chinese recipe

The new coronavirus disease (Covid-19) was first reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, at the end of 2019. The measures taken in China to fight against the Covid-19 was successful after few weeks. With the quarantine in three cities in Hubei Province from January 23, 2020, and then the progressive quarantine of other chinese cities, the spread of the disease was under control. In march 2020, China saw the number of cured people increased while the number of deaths decreased considerably.

Under the impetus of its Head of State, President XI JINPING, the whole country was mobilized for the victory against the coronavirus on chinese territory.

President XI JINPING personally leads the Chinese people’s war against the coronavirus epidemic

« We have to fight with confidence in this war against the coronavirus. It’s a people’s war. ” This phrase from the Chinese President sufficiently demonstrates his commitment to face the epidemic.

China against Covid-19

President Xi Jinping

As soon as the disease was discovered on chinese territory, mobilization was total and the actions undertaken were under the coordination of the President. He notably chaired meetings with chinese scientists. He was on the field several times to ensure that the response to the disease was effective and to provide support to all personnel mobilized to face this fight.

Mobilization of chinese people

China against Covid-19

Mobilization was really effective

The behavior of the Chinese people has been exemplary during the management of this health crisis in China. The population displayed discipline throughout the confinement period.

In the mainly affected cities, the observation of the containment by the population made it possible to stop the spread of the virus. This allowed the medical staff to control and treat the cases already registered.

A strategic organization to fight the Covid-19

The winning formula used by China was : Detect early, isolate early, care or treat early.

Hospitals were saturated at the start of the crisis. Patients with mild symptoms had to self-isolate at home in order to regain health through their immune system. Unfortunately, it was found that some returned with an advanced stage of the disease, or others who got better had kinfolk who were also infected.

So it was urgent to quickly find the sick, the suspect cases or the cases that had contact with the sick. Once that was done, under the supervision of medical teams, they had to be isolated to prevent their health from worsening.

The treatment

China has combined modern and traditional chinese medicine for the treatment of its patients.

China against Covid-19

Traditional chinese medicine used for the treatment of Covid-19

The efficacy of traditional chinese medicine, which is well established, has been used in addition with modern medicine. The combination of these two treatment methods has enabled patients to regain their health.

China against Covid-19: Protection measures

On January 22, the Chinese government placed three cities in Hubei Province under quarantine in an effort to contain the risk of an epidemic. These cities are Wuhan, Huanggang and Ezhou. Particularly affected by the virus. The Chinese authorities prohibit all air, rail, road and river traffic to and from these three cities. Public transport (bus, metro) was also suspended.

To stop the spread of the virus, the Wuhan health authority decides that people should wear a face mask in public places.

These containment measures, which have been taken gradually in several cities of the country by the chinese authorities, have made it possible to fight effectively against the coronavirus. The end of containment is progressive and started on April 7, 2020.

On May 15, 2020, China has a total of 84,469 confirmed cases and 4,644 deaths. A proof that China has found the right recipe against the Covid-19 to reverse the trend and get the situation under control fairly quickly.

China helps other countries to fight against Covid-19

Very quickly, on January 11, 2020, China publicly communicated the genetic sequence of the COVID-19 virus. It was a very important information in the fight against this new disease.

China also hosted missions of international scientists as well as the Director General of WHO. It was for a better understanding of the context and the overall response, and also to exchange information and experiences.

China shares its experience with the international community. Donations (screening kits, masks) have notably been sent by China to other countries around the world.

China against Covid619

Chinese medical supplies in an airport, Belgium

Chinese aid teams made up of medical staff are also sent by China to various countries. They share chinese expertise in the fight against Covid-19. Experience-sharing sessions are also organized online between chinese doctors and doctors from other countries.


China, in its way of managing this new coronavirus disease on its territory, has gone through different stages that have allowed it to adapt. The country was able to find adequate solutions to fight against coronavirus. The dynamism and thoroughness of its people also played a big role. Just in few months, the situation was under control, making China an example to follow in this fight against Covid-19.

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